So it happened once again: The mighty and seemingly random (yet knowing exactly when to hit you hardest) explorer crash (boooom!). Previous suspicion has circled around the dreaded and heinous desktop search that causes system instability to rise to levels never seen before. Microsoft may be aware, may be not, not doing anything or inable to cure the problem, but they must be getting a lot of error reports. I can only wish that mailboxes after mailboxes fill with those millions of explorer crashes and frustrating moments that must happen all over the world on every Vista computer out there.

The cause of this evil incarnation was yet again a seemingly innocent one: A file upload in Firefox! How simple and how puny, you're right to assume and the story unfolds exactly as if I was telling the story of Bambi: The file open dialog appears, I click to open the folder and navigate (how lovely traditional by double clicking millions of folders and how tedious decade after decade!) to the folder containing the file when all of a sudden and with the loud boom of another string of nerves that had been torn apart an error message flies before my face, crashes into the explorer and takes Firefox down with it to wherever unholy place it came from. Words cannot describe the feeling of hatred, frustration and anger that emerged within a millisecond of each other. Mixed with two tired eyes and a body that desperately longs for sleep the Vista has caused yet another notch in the cataclysm which, naive as I am, still like to call life.

At least we may hope for Windows 7 - the magic number and probably the cure for every single one of our problems is only a few years away. So far everything has only been getting better and honestly how much worse could it get?