I thought I'd be happy to finally get my developed film rolls today after driving home from work and then I was 2 minutes too late. What a dissapointment! The shop was closed and I have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm waiting for 4 exposed rolls, one is a very old 35mm where I don't know what it contains (surprise!) another one is Velvia 50 120 roll film shot with the Pentacon Six. The last two I shot with the Zenit (one colour and one b&w). I've also got an undeveloped Delta 400 that I need to get processed. Somehow I think I should really look into developing it for myself.

Update: I finally fetched them on Friday. It took me half a day to scan them all, but I'm very pleased with the results. These were taken with the Zenit-E.


(I actually published this on Saturday, but I forgot that it was saved as draft, doh)