Ich habe soeben ein E-Mail an den Botschafter (WU Ken) der chinesischen Botschaft in Österreich geschickt (chinaemb_at at mfa dot gov dot cn), mit der Bitte ausländische Journalisten die Einreise in die Krisenregion wieder zu erlauben. Das E-Mail findet ihr unten, ich bitte euch alle der Botschaft in eurem Land zu schreiben und diese Forderung zu unterstützen (bitte die Namen entsprechend eintragen).

I've just sent a mail to the ambassador (WU Ken) of the Chinese embassy in Austria (chinaemb_at at mfa dot gov dot cn) with the plead to allow foreign journalists to reenter Lhasa and Tibet. Find below the mail. I beg you to send a similar mail to the ambassador in your country and support the plead (don't forget to substitute the respective names).

Dear Sir Ambassador AMBASSADOR_NAME,

I have followed the development around the riots in Lhasa with increasing concern. I am worried that the Chinese authority might exert an unnecessary amount of violence against the protestors, but I am especially worried that all foreign correspondents had to leave Tibet. News from this center of world attention is scarce. I beg you to raise your voice for the return of foreign journalists to Lhasa and Tibet so that China can take the opportunity to truly demonstrate a most professional and non-violent management of the riot.

Best regards,

If you've got your own text, the better!