Have you ever wondered about the cool new GUI features in Windows Vista? I have ever since I started trying it at the start of February. After all the UI has 3D support and requires modern 3D capable graphics cards to display! One cannot even imagine the possibilities! Kill your files with a Doom2 double barreled shotgun instead of deleting them, wipe the whole harddrive clean with a BFG 2000 or encircle a folder with an army of Orc Grunts and Kodo beasts to make it surrender, browse your file system like a Galaxy - okay we've had that one already, but still 3D... Wow!

Then you take the Vista feature tour and your excitement drops like when you put that feather of your phantasy in that vacuum cage called Vista. The most prominent, or maybe the only new UI features are: translucent interface, task item preview and Flip 3D. Wow! Mankind has been waiting for Flip 3D!!

Here you can see it in a 23 second YouTube Video:
You can really and actually flip through your windows in full 3D!! Upgrade to Vista now!

Millions of hours of work and a thousand marketing people cannot cover up that this leaves something to be desired and something to be continued...