Nikon finally announced a quite anticipated new milestone in their DSLR lineup. Fortunately for us (who got a DSLR already) the improvements are rather minimal. Unfortunately for those who think about buying, they'd probably have expected more. The two most important new features are dust reduction, which I never had a problem with on the D80, even after 1.5 years and 20,000 pictures and Active D-Lighting. Oh yes and it seems to use the EXPEED image processing engine that was introduced with the D3. I doubt this will make a difference though, I still think it's just a fancy name.

Active D-Lighting is quite interesting as it is able to better capture high contrast scenes (by underexposing slightly, thus saving highlight detail and then boosting the shadows). Nevertheless the rest of the specs speak of a 10MP, 3fps, 2.5"LCD with 230k pixel camera. That's basically the same as the D80, but in a smaller body and with lack of a builtin AF motor. I wonder when the D80 starts to drop in price more, the only argument in favour of the D60 would be size and weight.

On the plus side Nikon also announced an interesting new lens, it's the AF-S 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. The lens is basically the DX equivalent to the full frame 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G VR. I really like wide lenses and 16mm is much better than 18mm. It would have been a killer if it was 4.5 maximum aperture at 85mm, but you can't have everything. Anyway this lens would suit probably 60% of my photography needs. Unfortunately the suggested retail price is more than 600€ and with my current low profile in photographic activity that hardly justifies such an investment!

So on the good side, lots of new available things, all that would be nice to have, but none of which I need :-)