Hey hey, the weekend is almost over and there's still so many cool pictures in my network. Sorry that I can leave just so little comments, but time flies when I'd be trying to do more. I want to use this place to thank everybody for uploading new and inspiring pictures every day.

Especially, I'd like to mention a few that have touched me a lot and given some interesting ideas. I'm playing around with nude shots in my mind for a while, but I've not got the right idea so far. I took a look around and found some bad stuff, some good stuff and some that are fantastic. Here are two shots that I think are superb examples of the later category and I want to thank Allure+Desire and Mark'Art Photography for sharing them on ipernity!

Unfortunately ipernity has introduced the transparent gif overly and while I would know how to get over that, I don't want to do that. Please klick on the link and see the picture at the author's site if you're interested.

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Another good picture I found in the stream of EmulsioneSensibile and I also want to thank a lot the author for sharing it. It's called "*" and can be found here.

Yeah no photos this time viewable from here. :-(