Hello again, Saturday evening, time to flip around a bit on the latest activity page. But first some praise on ipernity. The latest batch of changes, their quick and friendly support (Christian Conti is great!) and that ipernity is one of the services that lives closest to its members made me go Pro and support the site further through a little payment. I'm really really happy that ipernity exists and that it continues to thrive and grow.

Well so, I reduced it down to 2 pictures that I'd like to link from the blog and bring to attention to an ever growing number of readers of this feature (at least it seems so). I'm also always looking for new contacts as well, I'll add most people that just visit my page, except when it seems that they upload stuff in volumes (I'm not looking for quantity).

And there's a lot of quality and really nice pictures here on ipernity. As every week-end I'll try to give some examples! :-)

Hihi, how I like that one! A Johnny Weismüller kind of man with his Jane and as mrs.becca explains it's about her grandparents and was taken more than 40 years ago. What a funny find browsing through some old photos and what a late career for this shot, going from almost forgotten to a world-wide audience. Who'd have ever thought this in 1961?

Hihi another funny picture and a good example of what Bresson would have probably called the decisive moment. Whether it was intentional or just coincidence, it's exactly right on time!

I thank the respective owners for sharing their work and like to wish everyone a happy week-end!