We've had the digital camera boom, we're still living it, but where are we heading? We've had compact cameras, they were the first which became affordable and which introduced a whole new way of taking pictures by holding the camera away from you and compose using the LCD. They're still there and they're improving, although given the line of recent 12MP compacts and still unimpressive lens specs, one wonders where they're going.

After this first digital camera boom and just a few years back Canon introduced the EOS 300D Digital Rebel which was the first popular DSLR affordable for anyone and thus a big success. A lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon and more and more people realize that viewfinder and zoomable lenses (instead of those buttons) are indeed great things which give much better control and choice. But while we continue to be amazed with them, DSLRs also show one drawback and that is the size and weight. They are like their SLR counterparts, except they've become even heavier. Also because they are big and heavy using them in public almost always draws unwanted attention. So size and weight are becoming deciding factors even for me and that's where the rangefinder camera could fit in! The only digital rangefinder so far is the Leica M8 and there's a promising review. But the M8 costs more than 4000€ and is thus out of reach for the average photograher. Still, I hope we'll see more of them, because having an able camera fit into the pocket is something that I dream ever since I started taking pictures with a compact digital camera.

I've been to the cemetary today (big christian event on November 1st) and out of Dona and my collection I chose an old Minolta Himatic GF small picture rangefinder camera. It's small, it's quiet and it doesn't attract a lot of attention. There's only 3 aperture settings: sunny, partly covered and cloudy as well as a whooping 4 settings for focus (close, closer,... infinity), but it's been funny shooting with it. I just hope the pictures are okay as well, I'll see next week ^^