Again an interesting article on the austrian news site led to some thoughts and interesting discussions. The article reported on new findings that were made in the evolution of collective beings like ants and bees. It doesn't matter so much what these findings are, but some of the commenters expressed "concern" that the human race, with its value on individualism, will never work like a collective. Some even hate and deny this state of living carrying the notion of the individual similar to a crucifix before themselves.

But let's think about it: What's the actual state of the human social organization?

An individualistic society, from my point of view, means that the individual represents the society, which means every individual is living mostly on its own and is able to perform all tasks to continue living and to reproduce. Think about a collective soceity: It's main feature is specialization and separation of work. A single individual in a collective would not be able to survive or reproduce on its very own. Between these extremes spans a long range of possible states.

Now look at the human societies, e.g. western societies and see the striking similarity with specialization and separation of work. Watch the development history and see where this leads to. I think we're on the best path towards becoming a collective society. If you take any westerner into the wild how long would he/she survive? Probably a couple of days, because the average westerner doesn't know how to get clean water, hunt, gather, make fire or build a shelter. We're totally dependent on having a supermarket around, on having Obi, Baumaxx, or whatever building material supplier within 5 minutes of our car. Civilization is really just a big anthill to protect us.

But do we feel that individualism is going down and that we're becoming the same? On the contrary! We're becoming more and more different and we're thinking individualism is increasing... on the way to becoming a collective. But that's logical, because when you're in the most extreme state of a collective you're the most unique person there, along with a million others. But that doesn't matter because of the law of differences: The smaller they are, the more important they become.

Just look at it: I'm going to the Billa shopping for the same bread and milk that my neighbor is shopping (oh but one gets the cheapo stuff and the other shops for the natural shelf extended -> BIG difference!!). But some day I go to Spar! Feel the individuality! Or not, because it's the same thing: A big building with shelves and stuff and there's a meat counter with a meat lady and when you ask her to make you a friggin Leberkassemmel than you get one. Yes, it's unbelievable, but she makes you a Leberkassemmel when you want one. You just need to say so and you pay it at the cash desk! No matter where you are, except for a disconter which is another big difference because there you have to buy the leberkas and the semmel separately and make it for yourself in your flat that you're living in like a million other people, some with just 55sqm, some with 250. This difference makes all the world for us!

So I want to grow my own food and be super-individualistic. Wouldn't that make me a bobo? Absolutely, people will say: I'm a fucking super individual idiot. They tell me to get lost when I like to live different from everyone else. Why don't I want to choose between 50 and 70 sqm? Why don't I want to live in this brave new world? Absolutely! I fucking want to live in this brave new world. It's a great way to spend time and give me some Soma now, cause I like to sleep.