I post this earlier than I wanted to as I am probably not online over the weekend and because I've already found a number of good pictures that I think are worthy to mention.


This picture is from Roberto Ballerini. It's very funny because the whole thing is cut off and in the middle there's almost nothing while the borders seem to continue over at the other side, mainly with the relationship between the face on the right and the head-cut biker on the left. There's also a nice shadowplay along a mirror axis, well many elements that create a working harmony for me. I also like the monotone.


Another good one from mrs.becca! Playing around and creating ideas is what I'm looking for in pictures and here a Lego man and a fruit create a birth like scene. And its ewwwww whatever is that on his helmet. Simple and effective!


A very good shot by tom.k! All of his pictures from africa are very well worth seeing (enjoy the slideshow). I liked this one best because of the silhouette look of the elephant creating an iconic element in the picture. I think it shows a very strong symbol here of movement, power and of nature. Well done!


Nice shot by rob_visual! He makes very good use of perspective here picturing a backyard of a group of houses that appear to be grouped like humans talking to each other. I also like the blue sky, that it seems darker than the shadow and the rather simply coloured rest. Maybe I'm also astounished by this shot because I've never thought to capture a backalley like this. Good work!