Whatever I think about religion or how I regard it, its influence and the identity it provides is visible every now and then. Not that I'd have any intention, but the holy couple like portraits recently and the marriage of my chef were two recent events that reminded me of that.

Marriage especially is one hot-topic. I think many of the current christians stay with the church because of that exactly and for many the ritual at the registry office remains just a bureaucratic act while the celebration takes place under the hood of religion and tradition.

I haven't yet decided my stance with the church, I'm still a member, but not practicing and opposed to the ways dictated by the group, not in a general sense, but in the details. I do think the principle of helping others before yourself are honorable acts and that generally you should try to love and not hate, but in the very specific interpretation I can't agree and especially not with the politics, but okay, that's probably what everyone says