I've watched this video series on YouTube just now, which I think covers something that has been forgotten over time. It has some interesting points regarding the notion of sustainability, but especially causes serious questions of the continued development of the human civilization. Whatever, you can view it on your own:


The really interesting question raised in this series is the following: "When do you know it's too late?"

Assume you're a bacteria living in a bottle and double every minute. It's 11 o'clock and the bottle is full at 12 o'clock. When do you think there's space constraints? Obviously, when the bottle is full at 12, and all bacterias doubled that means at 11:59 it was half full, at 11:58 it was 25% full and at 11:57 you'll not even think about getting into problems with more than 80% of the space still open. The video says, correctly so, that at 7% annual growth whatever grew doubles in intervals of 10 years.

The financial market crisis is one thing, and actually I think it's a necessary reaction as the continued "stable" growth (such as the interest rate) is not possible, but are there much bigger problems waiting in just 10-20 years?