Ever thought about what happens to your photos if your PC's harddisk crashes and you did not copy them to alternative media like DVDs or similar?

I found an interesting solution - encrypted online backup from a company named Mozy.


The headcompany of Mozy is EMC - a well-known player in IT storage and backup software market.

With Mozy they offer a backup solution for your private data - for free!
It's just so simple. Register for your free account, download their software and backup your important data (up to 2GB storage in free account) encrypted to their storage servers.
You can even choose to use your own encryption key (if you want to).

In my opinion it's a great offer - and if you need more space than 2GB you are able to buy an unlimited account for less than 5$ per month.

I started using it last week and like the ease of use of the graphical user interface and the large amount of features and custom configuration items.