Just a little history ... some months ago I ordered a photobook with a collection of my photos on the internet.
Some days later they asked me if they could use my photobook for advertising and offered me vouchers to get the next 5 photobooks for free if I agree.

Cool stuff! And a thing I could need.

Now let's jump into this week ... I ordered a full version of Corel Paintshop Photo Pro some days ago and by chance at the moment there is a special offer ... every buyer gets what for free?
One voucher for a photobook ...

Well ... at this point in time not really a thing I need ...

But that's not the end ... I usually read a photographic magazine and take part in their monthly contest by filling out a survey.
Today an email arrived in my inbox telling me that for last month I am one of the winners of the contest ... AND ... *drumroll* ... I won a voucher for a free 50€-photobook!

There are things you need and things you definitely don't ... ;-)