Well here it is - February.

Last night I stepped out into the amazingly frigid air and watched the lunar eclipse.  It's mind boggling to think that the planet we are standing on is casting a shadow on that other planet over there, and you can see it.  Proof of a relationship, that shadowed Moon.

The first big snowfall came on December 1st.  Since then, shoulder-high snowbanks have remained outside.  Since then I have ruined that new pair of boots I bought last Fall, the extra comfortable winter boots that were going to get me out of the house and prevent me from going stir crazy.  All it took was a weekend walking through deep slush in Chicago before Christmas and those boots were toast. It's okay though.  It's too bloody cold out.

I also had plans to hang pictures up in my office.  Different colored mats were to compliment some color city shots.  They were going to buoy my spirits over the Winter.  No such luck.  The frames are still leaning against the wall, the pictures remain unselected on my hard drive.

There were a couple of mild days though, and I did manage to take some nice Winter shots.  They have been processed and uploaded, and now, of course, I am sick of looking at them.