Ah the inbetween seasons.  The early Spring... or the early Fall.  I catch myself sometimes not immediately remembering exactly which season I'm in.  The coolish air, the still extended daylight, the hope of beginnings... and then, the realization of resolve.

It's all going to go away again, those surface ideas of beginnings.  I'll have to re-emerge.

I wondered around a big-box store today and I bought two candle holders.  Both clear glass platforms of differing heights.  A big candle for one, and a small for the other.  Clove and bergamot scents. 

New, lined ankle boots with tread also made their way into my basket.  I'll walk this winter, as I plan to walk every winter, as a way to get me out of the house, breathe in fresh air.   

Auburn hair colour.  Not because it's Fall, but because there's grey.

Blue coloured photo mats, 5 X 7, because in the dead of winter I want to look at colourful pictures on my office wall, of Chicago, a white wall I've left blank until I could imagine this.

A microwaveable box of .... because I've been on my feet too long, and it's too late - except for some hyper kitchen goodess - to turn the stove on.  I wish I'd bought two. 

As I'm driving home, there is an incredible harvest moon coming over the horizon, practically dwarfing a house up on a hill.  It's early twilight, and the pale white humongous sphere catches me off guard.

I'm staring at this otherworldly moon and listening to a conversation on the radio about how we may now be in World War IV.  I wonder what happened to World War III ?   A marine who has served in Iraq calls in and says that as far as he's concerned we could be in World War 14.  What the hell.

Earlier today there was another conversation about how people only have a desire to integrate into another culture because something bad has happened to them in their own culture.  I bristle at the idea that this is the only reason one explores another culture.  I wonder what his views are at the other end of the spectrum, the person who is supremely happy with their culture.  What kind of person are they? ...and is there only one kind?