Why dolls? If you are reading this, you must have an interest or curiosity in understanding the phenomenal love for dolls so many adults share, even on a greater level, with children. I can remember how exciting it was to go to the store, Sears, Montgomery Wards, Penney's... and head straight to the toy section while mom and dad shopped. It was a wonderland that truly overloaded my senses! We always got to pick out something special and for me it was whatever was tiny. I can also remember sitting for hours looking through "wish books" as we called the catalogs that would come out just before the holidays. I saw the same wide-eyed excitement in my own children.

As I got older, life's anxieties and stresses played their toll. Responsibilities replaced playtime and reality replaced the fantasy world I loved. But... I still got excited visiting the toy section of any store. That made me realize that I didn't have to give up the child in me. I just found a way to include it in my life. Everyone has something they turn to when needing a break from the daily woes. Why not dolls?

Dolls spark imagination and allow creativity to flow. I have a whole world I am master of and it is beautiful. Dolls draw and bind child-like hearts together, no matter the age or color or creed. Kindness and generosity is abundant in the dolly world. There is a mature innocence, a love for imagination, an appreciation for artistry and an endless array of stories.

Why dolls? For me, because they make my life happier. Everyone could use more happy in their lives, don't you think?