Where do you create? What space or environment brings out or inspires your creativity?

For my husband and myself, our creative space is our home. It is small, so there isn't room for a studio, much as I would love to have one. So my husband's keyboard and computers are on one side of the room; he plays brilliantly by ear and composes from his head. Thank goodness for midi interfaces and fast computers...they catch it all and mix it and even change voices. Truly a one-man band!

My nest is on the other side, with an enormous, wooden, bread dough bowl which is probably an antique. My Grandmother used it to keep her zillion tiny glass beads for making French beaded flowers; I use it for mutliple skeins of yarn to create dolls and other creatures from wool.

No home is complete without a couple of bicycles in the living room, and a dining room turned into a computer center. The cats do not mind, as long as there are plenty of places for them to sleep (there are!).

And one can always walk outside, and in ten minutes be in our oldest city park; a green space with 100 year old bridges and huge oak trees.

So if you are reading this, share where you like to create!