I love making dolls, and also trying different techniques to enhance the dollmaking experience. Jointing heads is a technique I learned from the cloth doll community, and it applies well to crochet dolls. Crochet produces a very firm fabric that makes three dimensional creations easy to make and manipulate.

I wante d to see if the same technique would work with a knit doll. Knit fabric is softer, more supple, so a bit more of a challenge to create a jointed head. My first attempt did not work well; with a full head of hair the poor doll could not hold her head up! The second attempt was much more successful, and I've created a picture tutorial of the process. Most any knit doll, or animal, pattern could be altered to apply this method of head jointing. Here are links to the tutorials:

Jointed head for knit doll: www.ipernity.com/doc/dollmaker/album/556095

Jointed head for crochet doll: www.ipernity.com/doc/dollmaker/album/375265

Give it a try!