Here's the latest for all the LL residents......

Marianne's house has been completed & moved to the cellar!
Lissa's is complete on the outside!
I need to do a photo shoot with OM & Mini Connie for the décor of his house. I hope to get to that this weekend.
Problems always arise to slow things up, & this is no exception! I hate the summer heat, so when I noticed my air conditioner wasn't running right, I called the place that put it in. Come to find out, it's all connected with the furnace workings, & the furnace is shot!!! The furnace is in the cellar along with 'Underhill Homesteads', which had to be moved for a new furnace & air conditioner! So this past weekend Taylor was here, so the 3 of us moved all the village streets against the wall to get ready. The new appliances will be installed the week of the 16th, so we should be able to get the homes back in place by the weekend of the 21st. So handling all of this, along with other 'life' stuff has set me back again! My goal was to have the village homes finished by Christmas, but that doesn't look like it will happen!
But in the mean time .... please check out how busy Lissa has been in LL.!!!! She's doing what this village was designed for. She's adding a lot of photos with all of us & her extended family. When you do LL shoots, feel free to add extended family members. It doesn't matter a bit if we don't have those dolls, but it's fun to learn about each other that way! It makes the story 3 dimensional! I REALLY want everyone to add to the project .... that's the only way this will work!!!! Lina's diary segment was spectacular too. I would love to see everyone do a diary of themselves! I know I need to do some of my major characters, & hope to get to that soon!
Also Marcela & Jojo have joined LL!! They haven't met each other while there yet. They will both be instructors at the University along with Sean, (Lauren's dad, & Petra).Marcela will teach 'Early modern Irish History & Political Thought'. Jojo will be a Japanese Lit teacher! They will meet sometime later down the road. We have a lot of very smart & artistic people in LL! So everyone ... add to it, & make it a success!

Have a great Fall! My favorite season!!!!