I thought I'd let the residents of Lauren Land know where we are right now.
Petra's house is finished of course, but has not been furnished yet. It is in the cellar, but I haven't been able to add furniture or accessories, due to the fact that the plastic hadn't been put up over the insulation/sky. The cellar is right under my kitchen & laundry room which gets the most foot traffic, which results in much dust above the homes! My husband & I got the plastic put up on Friday just before he left for a week in Alaska. Since then I've been working on Marianne's house & my house in the family room. (Lauren's cottage is still in the family room too, as it is completely furnished.) There's not much room in here! I've needed to add a lot of walls & extensions on the 2 homes, so it has been taking quite some time. Marianne's home is ready for the siding to be added on the new extensions, which I will be working on today. When I add on to a home it can no longer fold up, so it takes 2 of us to move them. So until Sunday, I'm stuck with 3 houses in the family room! The next 2 homes will be Lissa & Lina's, & OM's. They will be much easier, as they don't need any major construction! After that will be Jackie's & Leslie's. I think Leslie's will be the most difficult because of it's shape, but we will see. I'm anxious to get the sidewalks in too. As I'll have 4 homes that are in close proximity to each other, I may do that when these 2 homes go down. With adding on to some of the homes, the arrangement will be changed a bit. The only one that can't move is Lissa's because it's too tall to fit anywhere other than where it is. I'm trying to keep them in the same places though. Lauren's cottage will be where Leslie's house was, & Leslie's house will be next to it where Liv's house was. It works much better there, as it was really hard to figure out how to arrange Leslie's sprawling house!
So by next week, I hope to have OM's & Lissa's homes up to the family room. I won't get much done next week though, as my husband will still be in vacation & we have plans for everyday! But I can always find a little time!
So that's where we are right now. I'm going to post a couple of pictures of our new 'sky' now!
Oh yes, we also have Cassendra & Dollyknickers as some of the town folk. I'm working on a shoot with Cessendra now, as she has picked her avatar. Better get busy Dollyknickers! I can't take a picture of a ghost!!
I'm putting the word out that the village is definitely closed till all homes are complete. There's no way to work on the homes & add people at the same time! I'm NO Super woman!
Also if you have read the fairy tale story on Marianne's house, you will know that our valley has a name. It is called "Underhill Homestead"!