I rec'd this email (below) from another ipernity friend who shall remain safely nameless.

I will not verify the information provided because I'm still furious that Ms. Langdon of Canada, whom I thought of at the time to be a friend, stole $165USD from me. I'm just being honest here, I'm afraid I might lose my cool & try to confront her. I have already given plenty of information to the DoA mods, but since my transaction with Ms. Langdon took place via Flickr, there is nothing they can really do for me. Thus I will continue to pass this information along as it comes in, & what you decide to do about your own situation with Prupate of DoA is up to you.

If you have had a negative BJD transaction with Prupate of DoA, PLEASE CONTACT THE DOA MODERATORS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE &/or file a claim with Paypal.
There is a deadline for filing a claim with Paypal so do not wait. Ms. Langdon loves to stall people past the claims deadline so my advice is simple: do not believe her. She is a serial BJD thief & a liar with plenty of tricks up her sleeve.


I just read your post about her and just wanted to let you know that she is active on Facebook as Rose Alaina. I unknowingly friended her because she was a friend of someone else, so I thought it would be okay to accept her friend request. She actually never talked to me nor commented on my things, so I never thought twice about it. That was until I saw her name on here and it rung a bell. I've defriended her now, but I wanted to let you know. x_x; I don't know if she's on the public search or not, but that's all I know about her.