I just got this email (see below) via ipernity - Ms. Langdon of Canada is back on the prowl. People - PLEASE - stay away from her. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This woman is a serial BJD thief. Your doll, your transaction with her, will not be the exception to the rule.

The username of the author of this email has been left off to protect the innocent.

If you think you have been robbed by Prupate via DoA, PLEASE NOTIFY THE DOA MODERATORS AT ONCE. And then file a claim through Paypal, if you "bought" a doll from her that way.

There IS a deadline for filing a claim through Paypal, so do not wait. I don't care what Prupate tells you - the sooner you notify the DoA moderators, & the sooner you file a claim through Paypal, the sooner you can stop the madness. You might not get your doll, but you will help DoA to kick this girl out forever, so she cannot steal again.


Report - Problem Transaction with [Den of Angels' user] Prupate

Hello, I read your writings. I want to said: Oh! My God. I cheated. She Sept. 6 Send Message to me. Exchange dolls. And I agree with the transaction. In September 10, I sent a dolls and she also said mailed, but has not given me the insurance number. I am very worried because I have not yet received the mail. What can I do?I need a police!!!!