A quick public explanation: Alaina Langdon of Canada was my Flickr friend in 2012. I wanted to buy a Unoa Sist faceplate to start a custom Sist of my own. Lain contacted me via Flickr to ask if I would be interested to buy hers. She had just shipped two Unoa faceplates off to Hiritai (at one time a popular face up artist) & I could even let Hiritai know my personal requests for the face up, since the faceplates had not yet arrived in Hiritai's hands.

I fell for this, although I should have known Lain would be trouble. She & I were set to do a dolly clothes exchange earlier in the year, & although my parcel arrived safely in her hands, her parcel never arrived in mine. Also, she changed her username on Flickr a few times, explaining that a dolly deal had gone bad, & the buyer had been stalking her. So I should have known better. Then she said she had been banned from DoA & needed to get back on as soon as possible, because she was in the middle of another dolly deal, & the doll was returned to her by the Canadian Post, so she wanted to contact the buyer to see what went wrong.

But, because I'm an idiot, & thinking that Lain was my friend, I sent the Paypal payment as a "gift" to spare her the Paypal fees. Several months later, when it was apparent that Hiritai had disappearred from the dolly map (& by then there were a whoooollle buncha people upset about that on DoA) I asked Lain for a refund. She had stated that the shipment she sent to Hiritai was insured by the Canadian Post too so if necessary she would file a lost package refund request. I asked her to do so while the trail was still hot, so-to-speak. And then she stopped replying, period.

Since then, I decided to post this bad dolly deal on DoA, in an effort to try to shut her down, to prevent Lain from being able to rob anyone else.


Because I sent the payment for the Sist faceplate by Paypal as a "gift to a friend", I will never get my money back. I posted a request for repayment via Paypal anyway, but the request was cancelled on the other end (by Alaina Langdon) in less than 24 hours after my post on Doa about "Prupate".

Unfortunately, I was too late to stop the madness - one member contacted me right away to say she too had bought a Unoa faceplate from "Prupate" & had paid by Paypal. Prupate had stopped responding to her emails. That member wanted to know if I thought she should file a complaint with Paypal to try to get a refund. I tried to make clear that I cannot tell someone else what to do, but I would definitely recommend that she consider filing a complaint with Paypal, if the faceplate did not arrive in a reasonable amount of time. I recently reconnected with that member who reported that she was able to secure a complete refund from Paypal because the shipment from Prupate never arrived.

And then ... a few months later ... a third member contacted me privately via DoA to say she was pretty sure she had been scammed by Prupate too. She had engaged in a partial trade. The doll she sent was rec'd by Prupate. The doll Prupate sent was "lost in the mail". But this DoA member went a step further to plan to take time off from work to visit Prupate at home to demand that the transaction be completed one way or another. Last I saw on DoA, this member was negotiating with Prupate to complete the transaction by allowing Prupate to send a different doll.


I have, once again, started a private thread with the DoA moderators, who now say they cannot find any trace of my previous infomation about Prupate. They had requested an explanation of my assertion that Prupate was a formerlly banned DoA member who returned to DoA with an invite from another member. I have pleaded with DoA Moderation to shut this gyrl down - she is nothing but a thief - but they require proof to show that she has done anything wrong. I will have to research all that information about Lain/Prupate all over again. Meanwhile, the DoA Mods have FINALLY added "Unsolved Transactions" to her profile avatar. That's a good start, even if it is over half a year late.

Meanwhile I want to let MY friends know - this gyrl is trouble. I don't know if Alaina Langdon is her real name, or a stolen identity. Please do not buy or trade anything from or with Prupate on DoA. Please learn from my mistake!