Eyes are truly the window of the soul. Will your dolls be life-like, their lives inextricably entwined with the human world? Or will they be playful children in a world of their own? Maybe they are dramatic little demons? Crazy clowns in a circus of fun? Flirty Lolitas? Fabulous vixens? Fantastic creatures in a land of magic & mystery?

Ersa Flora (US) offers many types & colors of eyes, in sizes 8mm to 22mm. Acrylic versions are a great buy at $15USD per pair + a few dollars for shipping (within US - ask Shelly for international rates.) Metallic, shimmer, opal, plus glow-in-the-dark, anime, colored pupil, no pupil, beast, & even steampunk designs available!


Make sure you ask Shelly about custom eye options - available for only $1USD more!

When you need simple anime, animal, or realistic-looking eyes for cheap, you can't beat the acrylic eye options from Mimiwoo (Hong Kong) in sizes 6mm to 26mm. Free international shipping on all items!


Mimiwoo also sells simple glass eyes in sizes 8mm to 20mm, & eye decals for 1/6th, & 1/3rd size BJDs.

For some collectors only glass will do, so here's a few others I've tried & also liked.


Arcane Lane (US) sells nice quality, black-pupil, paperweight style "realistic" glass eyes in sizes 8mm to 24mm, in the following colors: grey, green, hazel, brown, dark brown, blue, & light purple.


The light purple eyes photograph in a color silimar to periwinkle blue.

When good quality is good, but a great price is great, there's DD Anne's Imperfect Eyes (China), perhaps the best-kept glass doll eyes secret in the BJD world. Sizes vary according to what stock she is able to acquire for resale, but generally run 8mm to 18mm. She does sometimes have glitter eyes, colored pupils, no pupil. Colors vary too. Keep checking back with DD Anne to see if it's your turn to get a great deal!


I've bought several pair & I have yet to find any flaws!

Jr's Toys House (Hong Kong) also sells good quality glass eyes at reasonable prices. 8mm to 20mm, many colors, even some glitter glass eyes, with black pupils, colored pupils, no pupil.


*Disclaimer: I've done a lot of business with these suppliers but I have *never* rec'd a kickback or discount for their eyes, or any other form of compensation for promoting their services or products.