My family is a mix of plastic, resin, & vinyl. None are more or less important - they just "are". All are equally loved & appreciated.

Plastic Bigheads
Jonquille Lumineuse [NS 2012 Basaak Blybe, Siriporn.Roberston custom, on 27cm WS Obitsu body, sanded]
Lucy Belle [NS 2010 Takara Neo-Blythe Simply Guava, Mila Mami custom, on 25cm NS Azone Pure Neemo body]
Nikko no Saisei [NS 2009 Taeyang Arion, rewigged]
Shichiro [TS 2006 Taeyang Timulus, rewigged]

Plastic Articulated Barbie Clones, Hybrids, Rivals & Mods
♀ No Name Yet [TS 1976 Charly brunette head, + 1993 Hula Hair Barbie Teresa body]
♀ No Name Yet [TS 1993 Hula Hair Barbie Teresa head, + 2009 Liv Doll Alexis body]
♀ No Name Yet [NS 2013 Lelia reroot pink+raven head, + 2009 Liv Doll Hayden body]
Nekkid Barbie [NS 2006 bathing suit Barbie]

Resin Tinies
Lierre de la Foret (Ivy) [11cm NS 2010 Doll-Zone Nono, limited Christmas event]
Pippa [11cm NS Fairyland Pukipuki Pong] *on layaway*

Resin Teacup & YoSDs
Angel Wings [16cm NS 2010 LaTi Yellow Miel, limited Christmas elf]
Bianca Souffle [16cm NS 2011 LaTi Yellow Suji, limited 6th anniversary event]
Beasoleil Lishan [20cm TS 2012 LaTi hybrid, limited Le Petit Prince Momo body + limited Town Circus of Bremen Sunny head]
Naina Ayasha (Shane) [25cm NS Fairyland LittleF’ee Shiwoo, Sylwia Kowalska custom, unknown age]
Noelle Nicolette [30cm WS 2011 LaTi basic Coco, Nicolle's Dreams custom]
Diablo [16cm RS 2012 Impldoll Verne]
Cricket [17cm NS 2012 Doll-Zone Mango]
Senenmut [30cm TS 2012 LaTi Mut, limited King of Darkness]

Resin Middies
Josephine Vibeke (Joey) [29cm WS 2012 Doll-Zone HanHan, limited summer event]
Chance [30.5cm NS hybrid Goodreau Mini-Hint, unknown age, + 2013 RS Impldoll Simon head]

Resin MSDs
Samira Noma [43cm TS 2012 Planetdoll Roseanne]
Alya Dylan [41cm NS 2011 Planetdoll Cindy]
Lūkf̄æd (Lucky) [43cm hybrid NS Goodreau Whisper body, unknown age, + 2013 RS Impldoll Trista head]
Wish [43cm NS Goodreau Hint, unknown age]
Julian 317 [43cm TS Impldoll Abdul]
Justin Case [45.5cm TS 2012 Love Doll Hugh]

Vinyl BJDs
Katja Onnika [122cm TS 2012 Masterpiece Aurora brunette, #84 of 350]