"Alesha’s condition is extremely serious. For a moment his doctors all but lost hope for his recovery. But Alesha’s condition stabilized, and on November 30 he had surgery to partially remove the affected parts of the intestines. In the nearest future, Alesha will likely need several more surgeries. In addition, he needs intensive therapy with anti-fungal medications, Noxafil and Ampholip, 5 vials a day of each. Those medications are expensive, totalling at just over $1300.00 daily, which is an impossible sum for his family to raise. The Help Journal has already provided enough money to cover costs of medication for one week. We need your support to continue helping Alesha. Please, give Alesha a chance to conquer his disease once and for all!"

The full story and all necessary information: http://helpjournal.org/node/ALevantuev/ALevantuev.html