my picture of what's currently on the easel came out blurred. I'll take another one today for tomorrow.

My sister and I are packing up my mother's apartment. She's at the retirement home now. It's a nice one but there's still a lot to do to settle her in. Today's job is to continue shredding her incredible collection of old phone bills, hydro bills, investment reports etc. I have to make sure I keep what needs to be kept and shred what needs to be shredded. I watch a little trashy TV while I do it. It's been a long time since I've watched TV. There sure is a lot of flashing.

Since it's October, but still a beautiful October, I'm still working on the porch. This brings up the battle with sunbeams. The sun is low and bright. The sheet I put up helps somewhat. Mostly, I just start later now.

It's become a part of a yearly cycle. Thanksgiving? Huh? Oh yeah--the time of year I wait until ten o'clock.

On this painting, which will be 14 x 18 (inches), I decided to go for a seven colour palette but then I really really wanted that nickel yellow. And now I'm really really wanting some perm green light. But all those beginning decision from what to paint to what colours is all just a starting point.