I am really wondering how these people with big blogs do it. Okay so---the parking lot and greyhound painting didn't work out. I lost it. Got frustrated and gave up on it. I suspect I was also distracted by some things that were going on in my personal life. But all that is behind me. Mom is in a retirement home now which has given me tremendous peace of mind. After the lost greyhound, 2 more went in the dumper--one got washed down to be re-used, the other bugged me so much it actually went into the garbage. I wouldn't even scrape it. Then I began the 30 x 36 of Newark which has unsolveables in it--it's not quite right but there's no correcting it. However, I still like it so I'm keeping it as a secret painting. And bits of it are finding their way into recent paintings in a way I like. So there was a string of failures, a secret painting, a wonderful trip to New York State with my buddy Annene (which just filled my head with the most exciting images and I just can't wait to see how they recombine through the brushes over the winter!!!!) then this,

Catching Out


view of houses on eldorado from st-john's overpass .

These are typical Magil houses probably built in the early 60's. I always liked the view of their atypical red roofs from the overpass at St-John's.

8-29, eldorado, houses 8-31, eldorado house with aeriel eldorado from overpass


Also, I've been invited to show 7 works (5 plus 2 spares) at the Abbey for the Arts Winter Show in Eastern Ontario. The place is in the town of Glen Nevis, also known as North Lancaster. Good things happen for me in Eastern Ontario. I'm looking forward to it and of course I will post details on my progress with this show, the when and the where, soon. For now I've done all my paperwork and the group of seven is being framed as I speak.