Expert Advice

As is well-known, every society has their experts. Representative for them, a few shall be named here.
They are religious leaders, clerics, gurus or political leaders. Their task is to explain life to us and show us their path. In rare cases only, this happens for "unselfish" reasons.

According to own experience or autonomous thinking, it appears increasingly that they strive to sell the false as right- with all consequences that follow from this for the individual or the community.

Experts emerge in manifold appearances. Sometimes superficial, sometimes as an antitype und sometimes
pretending to be conspicious. They are all worth special attention, at least if they reveal themselves as experts for whatsoever.

In the so-called civilized societies, the democracies, the number of experts is as countless as pebbles in a washed-out concrete board. Every topic is occupied by them. Asked or not, they come forward mostly to up-to-date topics. These experts are introduced day in, day out by TV experts.

So to speak concentrated expert comprehension, that is meant to influence the opinion of us, "the stupids". That way day in, day out, we are informed for example by the well-paid weather and climate experts under public law as well as the equally well-paid experts of the wind / coal / nuclear industry about the status of our earth. Each of them pursuing their own interests. All sent to give us expert advice.

Climate catastrophy experts, politics experts explain us, why the weather is, as it is, and what it will be like 20 years later. Without being able to tell us if we will have rain or sunshine tomorrow.

Traffic and marriage / family experts explain us, why traffic/intercourse does not work out. This almost endless number of experts loves to decorate themselves with (scientific) titles. With real, honorary or bought titles, meant to grant a certain degree of credibility and importance to their miserable existence as experts.

And also with the aim to sell their advice, as a booked expert, as good and as expensive as possible. That way, unsurprisingly, merely in the german language there are tens of thousands of advice books. Expert advice about:
- you need to change your life
- change of behaviour within seven days
- being succesful for winners within seven days
- your luck is lying on the street
- getting rich within 365 days
- recognize your potential
- 7 ways to reach happiness
- learn how to learn being not on your own when you are in pairs, within seven days etc.,etc.

As mentioned initially, experts want to give us advice, asked for or not. Now the question turns up: who wants us to change and why?

Where are the experts that explain us why the industrial societies and democracies, in great parts create uprooted nations (increasing number of job migrants, fragmentation of families, social unions) without orientation? The whole issue accompanied by social neclect and fear of the future?

Certainly the same experts that have for decades sold their patent remedies, set in concrete, and have misleaded us, have already started working on these new questions. The guidebook "You need to change your life" is being recycled. The title remains the same and all letters and words in the book are arranged and combined in a new way and rewritten to the opposite meaning.

Anyone who finds orthographic faults is allowed to keep them or to ebay them.
übersetzt für mich, ins engl. von boris reihle, bremen