Tomorrow afternoon I will have a brain scan to follow up from last month's radiation treatment. I will learn the results on Friday. As usual, I feel frightened of the unknown, what will I learn this time? I want to share a prayer for tomorrow. I pray for good news and good news always, and I pray for strength in my heart, strength in my body, and strength in my spirit to meet the news, easy or difficult. I pray always to respect my fears and treat them with dignity but never to let them drown my courage, or bring me down, or hold me back. May my blessings be like heavy stones that anchor me even in the most painful storms of fear so I might emerge again and again to partake of the precious fruits of life as if they were all only one and once for indeed they are, and my heart trembles to open wide enough to receive all of life in it's impossible beauty, terrifying brevity and timeless eternity.

Peace, Strength, and Courage.