Some of you may have noticed, I sometimes combine text with the images in my work. For a long time, I've been attracted to letters, type, bookcover designs, etc. On occasion I've designed a simple business card or website, though, I never had the confidence to take it any further.
Last winter I got the courage to enroll in a couple community college classes on Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. I finished the Indesign class and nearly finished the Illustrator class but withdrew near the end because it was too tiring and I felt too much pressure.

Even so, I was encouraged and learned a great deal. I got myself some textbooks and have continued to study and practice on my own. I'm enjoying the process, though I'm still intimidated at the thought of doing projects for clients.

I'm very early in the learning process and have a long way to go.

I appreciate everyone here on ipernity looking at my work, though I imagine few people here have much interest in graphic design for it's own sake.
I thank you for looking and joining me in my learning process.

Thanks for reading,