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  • New lens for my Zenzi

    Just bought a 1:2.8/50mm lens for my Zenza Bronica ETRSi off ebay for a reasonable price ... :)))) I'll see, if I will keep the 1:2.8/75mm, or if I will sell it. The 1:4/150mm I'll keep in any case. Can't wait for the new lens to arrive, and shoot the first pictures.

  • Fotoausstellung in der St. Bonifatius-Kirche zu Paderborn

    Hallo liebe Freunde in Paderborn und umzu, wir, die Ehlershausener Amateur-Fotografen Detlev Müller und Edda-Ch. Frahn-Müller, stellen in der St. Bonifatius-Kirche zu Paderborn vom 27.02.2016 - 20.03.2016 unter dem Titel "Ausdruck des Glaubens - Ausdruck der Trauer" einige in den letzten Jahren auf Reisen und zu Hause entstandene Fotografien aus. Zu sehen sein werden Arbeiten hauptsächlich aus Guatemala, Israel und Island, die sich, der Jahreszeit und dem Kirchenkreis entsprechend, mit dem Th…

  • Does it work – developing C41 in Caffenol?

    The first question you probably will ask is “Why the hack should I develop a colour film in a b/w developer?” The answer is simple: Just in order to try it ;-)

  • Fuji Neopan Acros 400 discontinued

    Some time ago I wrote in a comment to a picture, that I heard, that Fuji will discontinue the Neopan b/w film. As one can read on , this is true - and is not. It obviously concerns only the ISO 400 type, the ISO 100 will furthermore be on production. Also the slide film Provia 400X will be discontinued. Alternatives for the Neopan 400 are: - Rollei Retro 400s - Kodak T-Max 400 and TRI-X 400 - Ilford HP5 Plus a…

  • Iceland

    On September, 9th we will be heading for Iceland again. To see the volcano, you think? No. Ahem - Of course to see the volcano ;-) However, we planned this trip already a few months ago, when nobody in Mid-Europe did know anything about an Icelandic volcano called Bárðarbunga. So the volcano is a good bonus to the trip. Maybe it waits with it's expected eruption until we will be there. I wonder, though, if we can get close enough to take some impressive pics - they closed a wide area around th…

  • Back from Iceland

    So we are back after 2.5 weeks. It was a great trip. We saw almost everything Iceland is well known for - including rain, storm, and coldness. But that's ok, if we would love to lie on a beach, we should go to Mallorca or something like that. But we don't ... ;-) Unfortunately there was no real chance to see the Bárðarbunga volcano. Yes, for some whole lot of money they offered super jeep tours or heli flights. I spoke to some people having attended souch a tour, and they spoke of 50 km distanc…