I gotta say, I wasn't a fan. It's been a long time since I watched a movie, and was really blown away. I think the last time a movie really impressed me was the Bourne Ultimatum last year. Maybe I'm picky.

Anyway, the movie was not shy of good actors with great performances. Javier Bardem (the main bad guy) was an awesome character. If anything makes the movie worth watching, it's this guy.

The flaw of the movie was it's long scenes of very little substance. There was a lot of watching barely anything happen. It was just over 2 hours long; I'm sure I could edit it down to about 85 minutes. Perhaps the director was trying to stay true to the book, but it was tiresome for me.

That much waiting to get to the end was upsetting, as I didn't find the end very fulfilling. I don't need a happy ending to enjoy a movie, but this movie left me saying "That's it? That's one of the longest trips to nowhere I've taken."

It had it's highlights, but not enough to ever want to make me watch it again.