The group at Pixar are great film makers. If I could sum up Wall E in one word, it would probably be "sweet". But it's sweet on many different levels. It's also not a sickly-make-you-puke kind of sweet. It's a funny and charming kind of sweet. It is however coupled with some more serious undertones. Pixar does such a great job of communicating the emotions, the humor, and what the characters are thinking through body language. A credit to their animation skills, and story telling in general. Pixar manages to bring us new adventures; not simply retelling the same tale as their last movie with a different coat a paint. Is it their best movie? Hmmmm.... still undecided on that.

It definitely does some things that their other movies haven't (and I don't just mean technologically). It gets my recommendation. It's not just a kids flick; it's a film.

Now, if I could pick on Disney for a moment. They are really lucky to have Pixar. Disney has made some great achievements, but in my opinion, for as successful as they are in marketing they have some incredibly unimaginative groups working for them. If we look back at their classics they include Peter Pan, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, etc, etc, etc. All of these are not original stories by Disney. They borrowed the story lines from books they didn't write. So that was the past. Let's look at today. Last year they released Underdog (also not original content or characters). This year they're releasing Hollywood Chihuahua, and Thunderbolt. Enough with the dogs. Why does their production company sign off on TWO dog-movie scripts which are being released in the same quarter? I know, I know: Cash. Silly me for asking. Take a page from Pixar's scripts: Toys, Monsters, Fish, Super-heroes, Cars, Rats, Robots. Do you see a pattern here? Exactly... you don't.