Gravity - For example. Sandra Bullock plays a characters that's similarly believable and deep as her character from Speed. Only instead of playing a dumb person that can't drive a bus very well, she's a smart person that can't fly escape pods very well.

Her - I saw a Futurama episode like this, except that this is one is devoid of all the jokes. And 4 times as long. A Futurama espisode without jokes that's 4 times longer. Does that sound kind of boring? So was this movie. It had the opportunity to explore some really interesting questions about relationships, but seemed to opt to go with everyone being cool with what's going on (so no conflict, which means no exploration), and sending the message that everyone is kind of screwed no matter what relationship you're in, and it's always all the same, with a reminder that the problem is YOU. The acting was good though.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier - I liked this one. See... see why I could be coming off as a simpleton? It's a great action movie that has more of an espionage-thriller feeling than a superhero feeling. It also has a strong commentary (one moment in particular that stood out for me) on the world today compared what was fought for in WW2. The scary thing being that there is no Hydra behind the world today. Amazingly that's a truly important and relevant message to be heard. I'm not sure the movies above had a message as important.