I have 2 games on Steam, neither of which I paid for thanks to being provided with the download codes (one through a contest and one through a promotional offer).

I get it,there's great sales and access to lots of great games not to mention the platform it can deliver to independent developers (you know the ones that don't churn out unfinished, bug riddled crap and steal your money). But I don't understand how a community that by-and-large was against the 24hr-check-in service and always online connectivity requirements that were toyed with for the latest generation of gaming consoles could be so supportive of Steam.

One of my two games I have that I got for free thanks to a contest that DownPhoenix put out was Serious Sam 3. So the game was alright, but if Steam wasn't connecting I'd get warnings that I would lose my save game files, or just couldn't play at all. I don't like having to load something to load something.

I can't claim that it's a bad service, as I've barely used it. I just don't like this component, and what it offers isn't inticing enough for me to want to bother to push through and give it a chance.