I didn't find it as good as Pitch Black, but I did think it was better than the Chronicles Of Riddick. They seemed to have gone back to the familiar formula of the original for this setup, and although it could be considered lazy, I think it was a smart move.

I enjoyed the cat-and-mouse game between the characters the most, and thought the movie kept me engaged during the first and second act. Things start to fall apart a little in the third act though, once the "partnership" came into play. It felt like they spent too much time on the other pieces, and then realized they have to wrap this production up. They sped through a forced moment of comraderie and respect to reach an end goal. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't a strong finish.

Regardless, I still found it to be a fun action movie overall. It may not go down as a classic, but I'd still recommend it. Watching the original beforehand may be a good idea though.