For the longest time it seemed that Pixar managed to steer clear of sequels, with the exception of Toy Story. And the Toy Story sequel was good. The third was even better!

They also did a sequel to Cars. Well, that was a different story. It felt more like a typical summer sequel then it did a Pixar movie. The heart and layers in the meaning didn't seem to be there. It was just a big, bright sequel, that granted, did have some exciting moments for the kids.

Monsters University seemed to follow the quality of the Cars sequel more than what we saw with Toy Story; at least for the majority of the film. It was okay, but again it lacked the heart and the layers that the first one had. It was a one note story, which granted, did have some funny moments, but it definitely felt like a sequel. I think the ending was very good though, and was almost enough to redeem the movie and achieve that Pixar quality I would expect... but not quite.

Despite a strong ending, even if you're a Pixar fan, this one is better left for the kids as a rental.