It's only been about 3/4 days since I made the move and commitment to Ipernity and despite not spending a lot of time on the transfer of my albums etc. I have actually picked up quite a lot. However most of this is as a result of good friends who have already made the move from Flickr aswell as lovely new friends willing to help.

I can't recommend one particular lady highly enough,
Janet Brien,

This lovely lady has written the most comprehensive, easy to understand blog/articles for anyone struggling with their move here to Ipernity. If anyone was to put together an Information sheet for anyone new to Ipernity from Flickr or anywhere else for that matter, this is what you would be delighted to read and it really is so helpful. Thank you again Janet, you have been a great help.

Me? The scripts for moving an album from Flickr to Ipernity are absolutely wonderful and I am extremely grateful to whoever put these Tampermonkey scripts together because slowly but surely I am transferring my albums. This also give me the opportunity to get rid of a lot of early stuff (well not get rid of permanently, I keep everything!) and slim down the albums so that they include more of my recent stuff , recent as in the past couple of years!!!

It's been great to "bump" into so many "friends" from Flickr and I am really looking forward to meeting many more new "friends" here on Ipernity. Please add me as a contact and take a look at some of my images, you will see that one of my passions is photographing flowers, especially in macro as nature's beauty is in itself awe-inspiring.

Who or what inspires me? i think that will be my next article :-) Have a good week end whatever it may bring for you!