I'm new... well here... some people may know me from Flickr, Facebook, BK, SOS Blythe... or maybe even my website www.debellespoupees.eu

Currently I am working on my own dolly pattern brand, this will take approximately 2 years to complete... until I complete my full degree in fashion pattern drafting, after which I can also teach! and teach sewing. I will then also continue to study more couture and tailoring techniques because I want to learn and be all I can be... and learning is something never completely done. I'm also looking for a study to learn Fashion CAD design, since this is something on it's own entirely. Right now I don't want to bite off more than I can chew!

A current quest I'm on is gathering a database of different BJD/Doll sizes... in return I'll offer a free pattern with English instructions bespoke to your doll.

My pattern line will be named Belle Poupée Mode.