Well, here I am, a Flickr refugee, checking out what I hope might be a more receptive venue for my collection of vintage male photographs. 

Two days ago I posted this message to my Flickr site:

After much thought (and no small amount of agonizing), I have decided to bring three years of sharing my vintage photo collection on Flickr to an end. The anxiety around when (unfortunately, not if) Flickr will delete my photostream is more than I want to deal with any longer. Flickr's increasing focus on accounts that don't meet the requirement that all posted photos be ones you've taken yourself is what has finally driven me to this decision. Therefore, I will be removing all my vintage photos and leave only my personal pictures. I'm very sad about this. I've posted over 5000 vintage images and your interest has resulted in an amazing 1,940,000 views of my photostream since July, 2005. Not only that, I have greatly enjoyed being an active, contributing part of a remarkable community of vintage male photo lovers. But I've always approached using Flickr with the understanding that it's their sandbox: play by their rules or else risk getting kicked out. Playing under the radar as I have for 3 years is finally getting to me. I just don't want to worry about it any more. Hopefully a few of my Friends will stick around to occasionally check out my personal photography. With warm regards and thanks, dcwooten

The outpouring of support and understanding was simply amazing. I was deeply moved by the responses I received. The feelings of great loss that were expressed have driven me to find an alternative place to manage and share my collection. I've uploaded a sample of photographs and invited a few of my Flickr friends to take a look and give me feedback. I've also sent the following message to the ipernity administrators:

Hi. I'm in the process of exploring ipernity as a place to manage and share my extensive collection of vintage photographs. These are scans of photographs I own. You can check out a small sample that I've already posted on my site. I have two questions. I wanted to check with you whether you have guidelines against posting images that you haven't taken yourself. I've encountered this with Flickr and sadly had to delete my collection, which I'd spent the last 3 years building, including an extensive network of other vintage photograph lovers. Second, a few of my vintage photographs show nudity. Nothing erotic or pornographic. For example, skinny-dipping shots from the 20s and 30s. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't run into problems posting such photos. If this is OK, what guidelines would you suggest to make sure that those who would prefer not seeing such photos are protected. Thanks very much.

I look forward to ipernity's response.