Life oft plays out cosmic jokes. It isn't funny until a person wakes up and realizes there's a laugh track. Today, I guess an awakening happened.

My wife and I have moved back with my mother. There are a few good reasons for a mid thirties guy coming home. Mainly, finances caused our move. I needed to actually work and couldn't where we live.

Now, I work albeit part time and for possibly as low a wage as can be paid. There are no benefits to the work. It truly is a same shit, different day type of job, too. But, it pays a steady paycheck until something better comes along.

That seems to be the story of a little boy's life, and the cosmic joke. The little boy was mother's little man until something better came along. Even then mother was fooled by a smooth talker. And the little boy wakes up to realize there's nothing better, nor will there be.

He's not boasting, merely stating the obvious. Now, at thirty five he is forced to help his wife care for a sixty year old mother-child. He wasn't allowed to be a little boy when he was a little boy, and now he isn't allowed either.

Once there was a little boy, but the world and life frightened him into being a somber grown man. And that's my story, apologies if I don't blog much or fit anyone's molds, labels. It's enough at times to simply be me.