o date since I joined this site I’ve had two people contact and me asking me
to join their groups. One called domino, a group like the game were you add an Image much like the last person to post. Then a second random image “say a clock“ Then the next person would post a clock then another random image.

As a result of me accidentally or probably because the browser was slow to load. I never posted my second image so for this dumb reason alone I was banned. Seriously!

Just now I received a message from Beautiful Capture, yet another private group, who asked me to join while pointing out images I should add to their group. Only to I be told you are banned.

The link on the message just comes up private so no reason as to why.
Plus searching for the group comes up empty which subjects they probably
blocked me without even allowing me to ask why.

So here it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop asking me to join your stupid ###### groups. Photographers are some of the most childish, immature, selfish f##### wee know it all to which I have no ##### time for.

Much like the image above, I post stuff I like and hope others do so. Not so that some twat in their little made up fantasy world can judge or poke holes in what I do in terms of my photography.

Love it hate it. keep your #### opinions to your self, its only a f##### picture and not cold fusion or the cure all to cancer fur #### sake!

As of now I'm no longer in anyones group nor do I wish to be anyones friend so just piss off the lot off you.

Now that's petty!