It has to be said, my most favorite plant just happens to be trees and it was a sorry sight to see some toe rag had vandalized a giant at the back of Ferguslie park gardens when they set fire to its base even though nature or the elements failed to budge it.

But cretins hyped up on beer and drugs no dough destroyed this giant in a matter of hours and if it had feels we could safely say, they tortured it to death. Strange how something that gives out oxygen while breathing in carbon would its self end up in smoke.

Though now we have life in the midst of death as this colorful fungi clings to the very tree, now rotting in death as it provides it with the very nutrients of life.

I’m not a global warming fan, but to see a dead tree is always a sad sight. More so when those of us are being ripped off by power companies who claim governments are to blame for the new carbon tax rip off.