There’s an old saying write what you know and In my case it’s shoot what you see.

I don’t doubt for one second those of you viewing these images have seen this kind of thing before, but we in the west end for the past five years lived this s### 24/7.

In all my years I’ve never seen so many police cars of every description come into a street that’s nothing more than a cul de sac after the council blocked off the road to prevent fast moving traffic. Though a new kind of trafficking in drugs would turn these and other streets into a drug hell nightmare.

Fires, stabbings, raids, police stabbings, muggings, attempted murders and assaults was the norm for these streets. Too which the local council had no control over the people they housed. Too which these were junkies and dealers alike. While the police wasted huge sums of money when eviction would have prevented wide scale vandalism and the destruction of council property. Much like one dealers home that was fire bombed and others where just set of fire for goodness knows reasons.

It’s always been said, poverties linked to drugs, yet their many poor people in my street and law abiding at that. This Scottish government are now forced against their will to impose a bedroom tax on those living in social housing that have more bedrooms they need as a result of the London governments balls up of the economy and their criminal bail out of criminal bankers. Where now the a fore said poor will loose £500 a year in their benefits. Yet we’ll give the very drug addicts who’ve made the poor peoples life hell £36 million a year to fund their free methadone. Only to end up back in streets like this to rob, steal, stab and buy heroin as the methadone is not enough.

Crime does pay and your footing the bill.