It rained all day in Paisley so I was forced into a shop doorway just to get out f the rain. The plan was to photograph the cenotaph then walk around town, but that was scuppered by the persistent drizzle that just wouldn't let up.

I hand held the camera and never used a flash, but upped the ISO to around 800. While putting the camera in aperture priority mode, this brought the shutter speed down to around 1/15s, So steadiness was a must to prevent camera shake. Oh for a low F number lens were I was using an F3.5.

So I was stuck in a shop door way with a big white tent to my left spoiling the shot & preventing a full length shot of the cenotaph.

Then just before the fireworks went off at 6pm an ambulance drove right into shot after a 2 hour wait. Taking an old woman covered in silver foil away in less than five minutes. I never took her photo, but I did photograph the obstruction, though not worth posting.

All in all it was OK and being a Scottish event, who are we to complain it f##### rained all day.