So many people walk past old grave yards and never think to give them a second glance unless its in times of sadness. Hawkhead is well over 100 years old like most cemeteries around paisley and I like to think people will stop and look at my images. If only they inspire everyone to visit the resting place of those who made their town what it is.

Hawkhead is cleverly landscaped and springs into life during the Autumn months sunlight, where the changing colour catches the eye to the point you some times forget your even in a grave yard.

So far I’ve mapped Woodside, Abbey, Broomward & now Hawkhead cemeteries for Google maps. All of which I done on my own time and at my own expense to which I’m glad I done it. Though there are other cemeteries around paisley I would also like to map, yet the need for funds for newer equipment is always on my mind.

You either like or dislike grave yards much like you either like taking photos of people full of life or standing in place most people would rather not think about. So I think I’m best suited for this type of photography and there fore one of those best suited for continuing with this unpaid project of remembrance.

So the way I see it, we all grow old and die others move away leaving their past behind while never forgetting their roots. So by placing these images on Google maps, it brings some comfort to those who may never return to their place of birth, but still allow them the opportunity to remember their families during times of remembrance when they see images of were their loved ones now rest. Much like it offers them the opportunity to point out to their own families who may one day return to their parents homeland. A place of reference to where their ancestors are buried and allow them to visit and lay flowers of remembrance one last time on their behalf.

Please visit my kick starter page & help continue with this project of remembrance.