While I thought I would be a good idea to create my own remembrance cards, where instead of just using one image for the cover, I chose mostly too use two Images. Where each image would fill the inside and another would become the front and back cover ones it was folded over.

Well I created 33, A5 full color cards, wrote the poems and spend £65 getting one off sample prints made up at my local printers . Only too then realize cards are as cheep as chips and in some case they’re 10 a penny. But saying that those cards are mostly single front cover images with simple backs and insides where cards like mine are not.

Those of us you would call independent are faced with pricey over heads so have to aim our hand made or photographic cards at those more caring in their choice. Where mass production is more tacky than sentimental & just wont do when remembering their loved ones. So my cards are more luxurious much like the price which is eaten up in printer and VAT costs.

It’s like everything in life the more you buy the cheaper it is and since I can't buy one card 250 times in the hope some one will buy them all. This is unrealistic and since each card can cost at least £5 too buy. Selling them too a shop at this price where it’s said, they then mark them up by a staggering 100% and I’ve even heard as high as 200%.

You can understand it’s the middle men making all the money and the artist doing all the work where only the poor sweat.

Saying that, what I really need is a middle man whose a printer and as distributor all in one too make large runs and sell these through their out lets as I belive we should all have access too nice things regardless of our finacial standings in life.

So these are my first set of four side prints cards though I’ve redesigned some, created newer ones and found a US site who only take one image " ;( " front cover designs which they sell on their site. Unlike the 4 full color cards I would rather make.

COMPROMISE OR DIE or is that diversify or go bust…..

The industrial revalution has its uses but not when so few machines make so much for so few industries, as the many face hardship and poverty now they have become surpless too requirement...

"That would be ok if we could all site on or arse and be merry as the machines did all the work"