Just a short note to say thank you to people who've added me as a contact over the last few days. Please don't misunderstand my not adding any of you back - my heart is with Flickr and so for now I'm holding out. If and when I do make a transition, Ministract and Takara are set up and ready to go.

When it comes down to it, photography (like many things) is about community. It's not about the platforms, the UI or anything else. It's about the friendships and the camaraderie. At the same time, Flickr gave me those friendships. Damn, it even gave me photography! Yet now, with some of my photography friends having moved over to ipernity, I'm left in a strange state of confusion: I don't have the same problems that some people have with Flickr so what do I do when my friends are split between two platforms?

There are some things I like about ipernity - I can leave a message like this and, of course, the white space around pictures - but there also others I don't. Two things at Flickr were special to me - the ability to create galleries (I love my Today's Ones series) and also the facility to leave notes on pictures. The latter was (is!) nice when you're sharing pictures in private with people who coach you on ways they might be improved. I don't see an option for either of those things here*.

Anyway, I've waffled on for long enough now so I'll shut up, except for one thing - happy birthday to Lorraine!

I'm really pleased that folk are settling down well. Hugs and best wishes that it continues.

Your confused friend

PS I almost forgot the bit about The Clash. There's only one song title that describes my state of mind at the moment... ;-)

* Update - Thank you to malona for pointing out that you can add notes if (as with Flickr) the photo owner has enabled the option. Thank you!